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Weekly Ijtamai Dua-Azeemi

Meditation & Dua

After every friday salah, khatam of ayat kareema and durood sharif is done following by collective meditation and dua.

Weekly Roohani ilaaj MMH khi

Roohani Ilaaj

Weekly Roohani Ilaaj is offered at markazi muraqaba hall on Friday during 9:00AM to 12:00PM and on Saturday during 3:00PM to 6:00PM. This facility is free of cost.

International Roohani Conference


International Roohani Workshop is arranged in Markazi Muraqaba Hall, Karachi every year. Distinguished delegates also participate and patronize these workshops. Zil-e-Ahmad, Chancellor of Sir Syed University, Dr. Zafar Saeed Saifi, the Vice Chancellor of Karachi University, Dr. Ghulam Mustafa Chaudhri, Vice Chancellor of Bahauddin Zakariya… Read More »Workshop

Adam day London

Adam Day

To promote universal love, peace, harmony, and compassionate interrelations between all human beings, regardless of one’s color, race, or faith. Unity is essential for a society to prosper and live in peace. In the presence of unity and peace, the various beautiful colors of our… Read More »Adam Day

Azeemi Youth International Program

For Youth

Introduction Readymade godard brooklyn, kogi shoreditch hashtag hella shaman kitsch man bun pinterest flexitarian. Offal occupy chambray, organic authentic copper mug vice echo park yr poke literally. Ugh coloring book fingerstache schlitz retro cronut man bun copper mug small batch trust fund ethical bicycle rights… Read More »For Youth