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Welcome to the official website of Silsila-e-Azeemia
The Azeemia Sufi order was founded in Pakistan in 1960 by Qalander
BaBa Auliya, strengthened & currently headed by Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi.
When there was nothing Allah was there. When cognition of His Supreme Being, acknowledgement of His Sublime Greatness, admission of His Cherishing Lordship and exhibition of His masterly creations were desired by the One and the Only, He decided to create. And the plan formulated in the Mind of the Great Fashioner materialized with the pronouncement of the Command 'Be' (kun). The universe including man and all other species came into being.

After man's advent in this world, with the increase in population inhabitations of all sizes resulted. Many problems started cropping up. Peace was replaced by anxiety and restlessness because of shattering of faith and belief. The Greatest of all felt pity for man and a system for guidance of man was evolved and prophets were sent one after another for the purpose. Finally, the last prophet of God Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (Peace be upon him) was sent to conclude the prophethood.

But the system of man's guidance continued. Saint scholars with the legacy of the holy prophet (PBUH) kept on guiding the mankind. The generous nature for man's salvation selects those who strive to introduce and familiarize man with ultimate reality of this phenomenal world. Candle of God's message and the torch of his cognition keeps on traveling from one hand to another. All the spiritual persons are those hands of Allah who carry this torch. They not only enlighten themselves but spread it onto others as well.

The More man is advancing in the field of physical sciences the more he is getting away from religion. His belief has become weak and the faith is shattered. Peace has become something alien for him. His pursuit for peace attracted him towards spiritualism but he was not ready to adopt any unscientific means and methods in this regard.

In order to meet the demands of present times a system, which could fulfill the spiritual needs of man of the modern era in a scientific way, was needed. Silsela-e-Azeemia has been founded for the very purpose of fulfillment of man's spiritual needs of this era. Rising above the orthodox, conventional and traditional ways of spiritual education modern techniques have been formulated to pace up with the modern era of sciences. Because of unorthodox approach and modern ideology this 'Silsila' is spreading rapidly the world over.

Cognizer of Allah, Proclaimer of Reality, Knower of the Secrets of Spacelessness, Possessor of Insinuated knowledge, Master of the Invisible Controls, Founder Leader of Silsila-e-Azeemia, Hassan Ukhra Muhammad Azeem Burkhiya, His Divine Grace Qalander Baba Auliya founded this Silsila after having its approval from the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in July 1960. The name of the 'silsila' (the spiritual order) goes after the name of its founder.

Silsila-e-Azeemia encompasses both the spiritual sections viz. Spiritual Association (sulook) and the Raptness (juzb). His Divine Grace Qalander Baba Auliya has been benefited from twenty-one salasil and enjoys the very special distinction of being the Khanwada (to whom the thinking pattern of the founder leader of a silsila is transferred) of eleven salasil.

Discipleship of the traditional style and orthodox manner is not there in this silsila. No particular dress or typical appearance is suggested here. Only sincere interest and devotion for spirituality is the basic criteria for ones association with the silsila. Disciples in this silsila are called friends. Instead of austere and rigorous rituals simple brief and easy-to-perform lessons and exercises have been introduced. Basis of the education is that worshipping style and method which was exercised by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in the cave of Hira for a long time. Practice of this exercise of meditation helps the spiritual associate to start his journey in the spiritual realm.

More one advances on these paths more enlightened is one's thinking. Wakefulness starts prevailing upon one's unconscious and the sight becomes strong enough to penetrate the realities of the mysteries. And he becomes a man with cognition rather than a staunch worshipper with a temper. Since the founder leader of the silsila was in a very prominent position of the spiritual administration and enjoyed a high rank of Qalanderiyat therefore Silsila-e-Azeemia also has the shades of Qalanderiyat.

Qalander is a person who is cognizor of Allah and radiates the Elohistic knowledge and reflects the true realities. He becomes a bridge and a connection between the Creator and the creatures because of the effulgent teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) assimilated by him. He remains in touch with Allah without losing his contact with the creatures. Leads a life that is filled with divine bliss and is full of pleasure of knowing the realities. Every avenue of the unseen realm is open for him to its last. The knowledge of the secrets of command 'Be!' (Kun) is bestowed upon him and a state of ecstasy remains prevalent upon his soul. After negating all gods, including his own self, enjoys witnessing the Beatitude of God, the Lord.

People from various schools of thoughts, for instance Shias, Sunnies, Deubandies, Barailvies used to visit him to pay him the tributes he deserved. People associated with different silsilas also called upon him to quench their thirst for spirituality. Whosoever had a chance to be with him for a while was benefited by the grace of Allah, the most High. Lucky was he who could attract the benevolent attention of His Divine Grace Qalander Baba Auliya. Those who had an opportunity of having an association with him were fortunate to be bestowed with a changed thinking approach, which eventually enabled them to cognize the ultimate reality.

The Eternal Being for spreading light creates people whose mission is to preach about the instability of this material world. They become instrumental in introducing the Lord Creator and teach to have an established relationship with Him.

Gist of the teachings of His Divine Grace Qalander Baba Auliya is that man has not been created to remain in pursuit of livelihood only or for earning bread to eat and to wear clothes but the first and foremost purpose of his creation is that he should recognize his own self and have an intimate introduction with his Benefactor, the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) because of whose blessings we are fortunate enough and deviation from whose teachings have made us the most unfortunate and degraded nation of all.

At present 78 Muraqba Halls (Centers of Spiritual learning) in Pakistan and abroad, i.e. in U.K., U.S.A., Norway, Holland, Denmark and U.A.E. etc. are operating to serve the creatures of Allah, the Almighty.

About seven thousand letters seeking solutions for problems and difficulties are replied from Markazi Muraqba Hall, Karachi as a free service. Besides this the monthly Roohani Digest, Karachi and Roohani Digest International, London; the organs of silsila offer and suggest remedies of complicated diseases, mental ailments, psychological problems by prescribing Certain Appellations of Allah, Quranic Verses and or methods of chromo-therapy.

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