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Adam Day

Adam day London

To promote universal love, peace, harmony, and compassionate interrelations between all human beings, regardless of one’s color, race, or faith. Unity is essential for a society to prosper and live in peace. In the presence of unity and peace, the various beautiful colors of our diversity are able to bloom.

Adam Day is an annual celebration on 10th August that promotes peace and unity in society. Our purpose is to remind mankind that each human being is a child of Adam and Eve and part of the family of humanity, irrespective of whether they are followers of the Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu or any other faith, or no faith. Adam Day aims to unite all people from all backgrounds, faiths and cultures to celebrate diversity.

Adam Day provides a platform for people from different faiths to come together and recognise the common values and beliefs that they all share. The key message that is common among most faiths is the belief in the one God, and to live in harmony with everyone.